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Floral Design | CC1218, 1 credit, grades 11-12

Campus: Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center | 2101 Browning Drive Arlington, Texas 76010

Classroom: A106

Teacher: Mrs. Lacie Wood | | (682) 867-9531








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Floral Design

Floral Design




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Floral Design


Workforce Pathway


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Floral Design is a year-long course that prepares students to enter the floral industry. Students will design and arrange flowers, learn to identify flowers and interior foliage plants, create specialty floral items and develop knowledge of sound business management practices and careers in the floral industry. Students will have the opportunity to test for Texas State Floral Association Certification.


Floral design is an interesting and challenging career opportunity and art form that is becoming more important to the healthy lifestyle of many people.  There are many jobs available in this industry for people who are willing to work hard and express their creative abilities through flowers and foliage plants. Through the analysis of artistic floral styles and historical periods, students develop respect for the traditions and contributions of diverse cultures.

This course will count towards eligibility to be involved with Arlington FFA.



  1. A positive attitude
  2. Pen or pencil
  3. Spiral notebook
  4. Folder or 3-ring binder



Classroom and lab work: x1

Quizzes: x2

Tests and Projects: x3


Late Work:

Students will have until the next class day to turn in any late assignments (example: an assignment

that is due 2nd period is not turned in; the student will have until the next A Day to turn it in with a 30% penalty). If an assignment is not turned in after this 2-day window, the assignment will not be accepted and will be counted as a 0.





Make-up Work:

All students shall be allowed to make up work when they are absent from class. Two school days per one day absent from class shall be granted to complete all missed assignments. If class is missed because of a medical/family emergency or extracurricular activities, you must take the initiative to get information about assignments missed.

Retake policy:

The AISD Ag Science department will not allow retakes on any assignments or examinations. Students are expected to appropriately prepare for assessments and complete assignments per class requirements the first time.


Academic Integrity:

Cheating will NOT be tolerated! Students participating in academic dishonesty will immediately

receive a zero for the assignment.



  1. Students are expected to maintain a professional attitude and conduct while in class and on campus
  2. Be Ready (have materials ready to work before the tardy bell rings)
  3. Be Respectful (treat others and their belongings better than you want to be treated)
  4. Be Responsible (take ownership of your actions)
  5. Follow directions the first time & work during all work times
  6. No sunflower seeds, tobacco products or anything that resembles these
  7. Do not leave the classroom without permission
  8. Use professional, respectful language and tone when conversing with others
  9. Cell phones and head phones may be used only with teacher permission and at a low volume
  10. Follow other posted classroom and safety guidelines as well as the AISD student code of conduct
  11. Students will be expected to follow AISD dress code policy and have IDs visible at all times



This class is designed for two distinct purposes: to teach students basic agricultural principles and

practices, as well as prepare them for the “real world.” In this perspective, it is paramount that

students understand the importance of professionalism in the classroom and work place. Students enrolled in this course will be instructed in professionalism and manners throughout the year. Students are expected to follow AISD dress code policy and have IDs visible at ALL TIMES when on any AISD campus. There will also be times (i.e. during labs and when working with animals) when students will be required to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.



  1. Written/verbal warning
  2. Email/phone call to parents
  3. Referral to office at student’s home campus
  4. Major infraction (for example fighting or destruction of property) will result in an immediate referral and removal from the Agricultural Science Center.


* All other matters will be handled according to the student handbook.

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