Course Syllabus

Digital Audio II
Course Syllabus
Arlington ISD Dan Dipert Career and Technology Center
Instructor Rodney Copenhaver
682 687 9535
Room A109

Students will prepare for the employment in radio, film, animation, game design, and live productions; such as concerts or theatre, as they work with audio production equipment including DAW Pro Tools 12, different microphones, audio interfaces, equalizers, recording devices, and cabling. They will study production elements such as dialogue, sound effects, music and environment.

1st Six Weeks
School-wide/classroom procedures
People skills needed for employment teamwork, appreciation for diversity, conflict management, customer service, work ethic, and adaptability.
Copyright and “What does fair use really mean?”
Digital Audio Technology
Safety Regulations
Computer Procedures
Software and the Graphic User Interface (GUI)
Resume skills needed for employment
History of recordings.
Demonstrate Audio Interfaces
Mixing and mastering using DAW Pro Tools 12.8
Preproduction Production Postproduction
Sound booths and the audio interfaces
Create work samples

2nd Six Weeks
Preproduction Production Postproduction
Technical skills needed for employment.
Demonstrate file management
History of radio
Use the Pro Tools (DAW)  
Model the roles and responsibilities of the digital audio industry
Be an effective leader
Create work samples

3rd Six Weeks
Preproduction Production Postproduction
Non-linear audio editing software
History of the internet and digital recording
Sound editing
Synthesizers and MIDI
Foley and Effects
Create work samples
Pre-final Test

4th Six Weeks
Preproduction Production Postproduction
History of sound for electronic games
Software & GUI 
Soft skills needed for employment
Post-Production Sound Editing/Mixing
Create work samples
Audio for radio and television broadcasting

5th Six Weeks
Preproduction Production Postproduction
Communication skills needed for employment
History of sound in movies
Digital Audio Projects
Create audio scripts
Software & GUI
Production Elements  
Post-Production Sound Editing/Mixing
Group Activities
Create work samples

6th  Six Weeks:
Use work samples to create a capstone AV Arts audio project (Demo reel)
Problem solving skills needed for employment
Preproduction Production Postproduction
Current digital audio trends and the future
Pre-final Test

Grading, Make-Up, Academic Dishonesty, and Re-Takes

A minimum of at least ten (10) grades per six weeks grading period will be taken.
A minimum of at least two (2) of these grades will be a major assessment/project/test grade.

Daily, participation, project check grades will count once (x1).
Tests and completed projects will count twice (x2).

All students are expected to communicate with each other and the instructor in an appropriate professional manner. Students are expected to be actively involved in class projects including appropriately using equipment and meeting their group expectations.

Please contact me if you need to request extra time or assistance outside of the regularly scheduled class period.   


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Audio Video Production II

Audio Video Production II


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Digital Audio II



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