Course Syllabus

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Instructor: Greg Almendarez

Phone:  682-867-9510          Email:



9:35 – 11:06















Advanced Culinary Arts C105

Advanced Culinary Arts C105










No classes at CTC

Culinary Arts A124

Culinary Arts A124

Culinary Arts A124 Culinary Arts A124


Course Description: Students will study the fundamentals of safely cooking and baking items commonly prepared in food service operations such as breakfast cookery, salads and dressings, soups and sandwiches, stocks and sauces, appetizers, seafood, poultry, meat, fruits, vegetables, yeast and quick breads, and desserts. They will learn to use technology to develop purchasing specifications, convert standardized recipes, and calculate and manage food costs.

Classroom Expectations:

  1. ID on at all times
  2. Maintain appropriate dress code (uniform required)
  3. Be prepared for class line up in dress code with class supplies available at assigned time
  4. Electronic devices will of on silent or off AND stowed away from sight at ALL times in the classroom or lab
  5. Show respect for others by utilizing names or titles for all persons in the building, refraining from horseplay and physical contact, and showing profession mannerisms in actions and speech.


Grading Policy: Labs/Tests count three times; Classwork counts twice; Leadership counts one time


Make-Up Policy: See teacher or Canvas for make-up work, one-day extension given for each day missed.


Academic Dishonesty: Academic dishonesty is defined by Arlington ISD as engaging alone or collaborating with others to take part in dishonest or deceitful activities such as lying, cheating, plagiarism, or stealing to gain an academic advantage in assignments, tasks or other school related activities.  A zero may be given for academic dishonesty on class assignments in addition to a parent/teacher conference.  Please refer to the AISD Student Code of Conduct for other possible corrective actions.


Required Supplies: writing utensil, folder/binder, wide-ruled notebook paper, sharpie marker, dial pocket thermometer

Uniform – White chef coat, white toque (mushroom style), solid black/blue/denim pants (full length), no rips or tears, non-slip work shoes (available at Walmart, Payless, Academy, etc.), apron (provided by CTC)

Option – Culinary Arts t-shirts will be available for purchase.  They can be worn on Thursday and Friday if chef coat is being washed.

Information regarding uniforms is on a separate page.

Evening Events:

Each student is required to attend one evening catering event.  Students attending multiple events will earn extra credit and on-the-job training, evening events also take place of grades missed when absent. 

Dates will be published once a month. For your planning, these dates have already been added for various events, they are in addition to Evening bistro: 

Evening Bistro Nights:

Students will be able to invite family and friends to dine at the CTC.  Students will create the menu, cook, serve, and clean up for the events. 

Course Overview:

Certification: ServSafe Food Handler

1st Six Weeks – Food Service Industry, Safety and Sanitation

2nd Six Weeks – Restaurant Management, Professionalism

3rd Six Weeks – Culinary Basics

4th Six Weeks – Culinary Fundamentals

5th Six Weeks – Ingredients, Preparation, and Presentation

6th Six Weeks – Career Management, Bakery

Course Summary:

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