Student Leadership Syllabus

Student Leadership Syllabus


AISD Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center



Instructor:  Amy Wood                                                                          Conference Period: M-F 3:15-5:00

Phone: 682-867-9570                                                                           Email address:

Room: B105                                                                                            Class Periods: 2nd (A day)/8th (B day)




Course Description:

This class provides an opportunity for students to take leadership positions in the planning of school and community activities.  Such activities will include conducting tours of our building, which will include detailed explanations of programs offered at the CTC to school groups.  Students will also participate in community service projects.


Required Text and Materials:

  • Notebook Paper
  • Pens (black only)



  • Class is scheduled for 90 minutes.  Students will sign in daily.  If you fail to sign in, you are considered absent. 
  • Each student is responsible for all material presented in class, including announcements about changes in course procedures. 
  • Each student is expected to attend all lectures, read all assigned material in advance of the discussion of the topic, participate in class discussions/exercises, and turn in all required work assignments by the due date.
  • Each student is expected to be present on tour dates unless unable from illness or school sponsored events.  Students must make Mrs. Wood aware of their absence.

Evaluations, Deadlines, Make-ups, Retakes, and Late work

  • CTC guidelines allow students with an EXCUSED  absence one class period plus one additional day for each day missed. 



  • Exams will be a mix of essays, fill in the blank, multiple choice and true/false, projects, and demonstration of skills.


Daily work:  

  • Specific skills evaluations, report writing, note taking, journal entries, group work and quizzes will be graded individually. Students will also be evaluated on professionalism and ethics.



  • To be announced during corresponding topic areas and will be assigned by the course instructor.  Each project will be a MAJOR test grade.


Course grades:  

  • Grades will be determined based on a maximum percentage of 100%.
  • 10 points will automatically be deducted from any assignment not completed in BLACK ink.  


Cell Phone Usage Policy: 

  • Cell phones are prohibited during instructional time unless otherwise stated by Mrs. Wood
  • All cell phones must be set to silent or off during instructional time and must not be visible.  
  • Students may use phones freely in all common areas of the building.  
  • Students who continue to use cell phones during class without permission will be subject to disciplinary action.


Academic Misconduct:

  • Any act that violates the academic integrity of the institution is considered academic misconduct.  The procedures used to resolve suspected acts of academic misconduct are available in the student code of conduct.  
  • Academic dishonesty will result in a zero on the assignment.  
  • Academic Misconduct includes cheating and Plagiarism.

Course Summary:

Date Details Due