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Mrs. Severns, Librarian and proud Martin Warrior since 2011 


Mrs. Martin, Library Assistant and proud Martin Warrior since 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I still have books I checked out from previous school years. Is it too late to return those?

Not at all! Just bring your book to the library before or after school, during lunch, or during class (with a pass). If you're moving during the summer, you are welcome to return your books to the Martin front office during summer school hours. By returning your library book, you ensure that other students will have the opportunity to read the book which may be out of print and impossible to replace. 

How do I access the online databases and encyclopedias?

Click on the Destiny icon in Rapid Identity, click on Martin High School, and scroll down to the icons. You can get to the  EBSCOhost databases by going to the Destiny home page and scrolling all the way down to the small links under the Databases section or by going to 

List of Usernames and Passwords for Online Resources

(Log into your AISD Google account when prompted.)

How do I access the ebooks?

Click on this link for the instructions for accessing online ebooks and audiobooks:

How do I look up print books?

Click on the Destiny icon in Rapid Identity and select Martin High School, or click HERE for a direct link. Next, click on the catalog tab at the top.  Search by title, author, subject, or keyword, or click on the Visual tab on the right to search by genre or special topics. 

How do I log into my Google account or into a Chromebook?
Your username is the first five letters of your last name + Your password is the same password you use for Rapid Identity and Student Self-serve. You can also access your Gmail, Google Drive, Destiny, Sora and other helpful programs in Rapid Identity.

How much are overdue fines?
We no longer charge overdue fines, but we ask that you renew your books or return books by the due date in case someone else needs them. Additionally, if you have overdue books, you will need to return them before you can check out additional books. If you return a book with water damage or other significant damage or if you lose the book, you will be required to pay to replace the book. Please don't give your books to other students to return as they may not find their way back to the library.

What if I can't find a book I checked out?
Ask Mrs. Severns how much the book costs and pay for the book. If you would prefer to bring in an identical copy of the book (same ISBN) in very good or new condition, you may also do that. If it is difficult for you to pay for the book, talk to Mrs. Severns. Likewise, if you feel certain you returned the book, talk to Mrs. Severns. 

Where can I find copyright free photos, music, and video clips, so I can avoid copyright infringement and possibly being sued?

Click on Modules to the left of this page and then click on the Copyright Free Resources link or click here. Always cite your sources unless they say they are copyright free but read the terms of use. 

What are the behavior expectations in the library?

Behavior expectations may be found here

Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance. We're happy to help! :)



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