Course Syllabus

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Counseling Clerk Cintya Guerrero-Valdez 682-867-8206

Counselors for Cohorts 2023 and 2022 (Juniors and Seniors)   

Last Name


Counselor Name Telephone Number Email Address Link to Google Help Form

Remind Codes

Text to 81010

A-Cd Cynthia Carter 682-867-0183   CARTER

Class of 2022- @shhsco22

Class of 2022- @samh2023

Ce-Ga Teresa Thigpen 682-867-8208 THIGPEN  
Gb-Lo  Suzanne Atlas 682-867-8211 ATLAS
Class of 2022 - @atlas-co22
Class of 2023 - @atlas-co23
Lp-Ok Raveen Singh 682-867-8209 SINGH
Class of 2022: @mrssinghco
Ol-Sam Beverly Click 682-867-8210  CLICK

Class of 2022: @click2022

Class of 2023: @click2023

San-Z Bindu Kunju 682-867-8215  KUNJU

Class of 2022: @kunju2022

Class of 2023: @kunju2023


Counselors for Cohorts 2025 and 2024 (Freshmen and Sophomores)

Last Name Begins: Counselor Name Telephone Number Email Address Link to Google Help Form Remind Codes
A-Cd Marketa Whitaker 682-867-8222



Ce-Ga Katy Harper  682-867-8213


Class of 2024: @shhs2024

Class of 2025: @shhs2025

Gb-Lo Ruth DeAnda 682-867-8218


Class of 2024: @c64achc

Class of 2025: @e46hag 

Lp-Ok  Sofia Alvarez 682-867-9250


Class of 2024: @alvarez-24

Class of 2025: @alvarez-25 

Ol-Sam Mya Gaines 682-867-9249



San-Z Miguel Hernandez 682-867-0180




When can students visit their guidance counselor?

Because we are under extraordinary circumstances due to COVID-19, we have had to make safety adjustments regarding when you can see your counselor. Students will be able to see their counselor only through appointments. If you feel that you have a pressing need to see your counselor, please click the link below and fill out the form. Your counselor will connect with you through an email, a phone call,  or  will send for you during the school day if you have chosen in-person learning.

Link to Make a Request to Connect with Counselor


FIT Social Worker/Counselor PEP Social Worker/Counselor

Colleen Scott

Cindy Newton

Mrs. Scott's Virtual Office Mrs. Newton's Virtual Office


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National Suicide Prevention Hotline:


(toll free)

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